Frizzy hair may be hard to tame, but it’s not impossible. Frizzy-ness is caused by dry hair that lacks moisture. Ironically, humid, wet weather tends to make frizzy hair worse. It is caused due to lack of natural oil production by the scalp and results in dehydrated hair. Anything that dries out hair can make frizz worse. This includes shampoos that are alkaline, and products, such as styling gels, that contain alcohol. Styling tools that use heat can also dry out hair, making frizz erupt.

Many of us brush it off, blaming it on natural texture, but that shouldn’t be the case. frizz is a result of a lacking hair care regimen, and that’s why a little extra attention is all it takes to solve the problem head on. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend money on expensive products and salon treatments, all you need is a little insight on what is causing your hair to frizz up, and a few ingredients from your kitchen to deal with frizzy and damaged hair.

Everyone has their own hair mask of choice when it comes to treating damage, inducing shine, or just adding a piece of moisture. But let’s be real, most are too expensive to use as frequently as recommended. Thankfully, when you’re in between masks, you can make your own with ingredients you probably already have around the house.

Homemade DIY hair mask are great for soothing and repairing cuticles damaged from colouring, styling tools, salt water, and even chlorine. Plus, they’re customizable to your specific hair type, whether it be coarse, frizzy, dry, oily, fine, or wavy.

So, if you want to achieve a smoother & shinier look to your locks, then try these easy and effective home remedies that can restore moisture to help reduce frizz and dryness. The added benefit is that increased moisture can also help improve hair health. Keep Reading!!!

Why hair masks?

Hair masks are quick yet highly potent, effective ways to provide your hair with tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. Think of hair masks like high powered hair conditioners, giving your hair benefits like softening and hydrating, a boost to grow, adding shine, and even fighting off infections. While some hair salons offer expensive hair treatments that yield similar results, we’ve decided to go straight to Mother Nature for our hair masks.

This collection of hair masks only requires a few, all-natural ingredients each, which can all be found in your fridge or cupboard and come straight from the Earth. The recipes we’re going to share with you are all wonderful hair masks to help nourish, protect, and moisturize your hair, so you can ensure you’re putting your best hair forward.

Advantages of Homemade Hair Masks 

Homemade hair masks are extremely budget-friendly and easy to prepare. You can bring back the shine of hair with these easily without spending a fortune in expensive hair spa salons. But the biggest benefit of using such masks is that they contain all natural ingredients, which is great for maintaining the health and beauty of the locks.

For those who love to style their hair with chemical and heat treatments, homemade masks are the essential thing to embrace in order to repair damages, prevent greying, stop hair fall, and regain its natural health.

Top 8 Causes for Frizzy Hair:

  1. Your hair is naturally dry or curly and is prone to frizz.
  2. Your body is dehydrated because you are not drinking enough water and/or eating a balanced diet.
  3. You are using hair styling tools (hair dryer, curling iron, etc) too often without a good heat protectant.
  4. Haircare products that you are using contain alcohol and SLS, which can cause damage as well as dry out the hair.
  5. The oils, serums and moisturizers that you are using are not penetrating the hair shaft.
  6. Over-processed chemicals in your hair, such as high-lift dye or bleach, have damaged the hair cuticle.
  7. The sebum oil that your scalp naturally secretes is not reaching the hair strands.
  1. Medications you are taking are causing changes in your body that affect your hair texture.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably time you set aside an evening this week to pamper yourself and show your hair some TLC. To help you plan your night of slathering and lathering, we’ve put together our top 7 favourite DIY hair masks and hair treatments for you to try out. Pour yourself a glass of wine, queue up your Netflix, and get ready for healthy and frizz free.

  1. Banana and honey hair mask

Two ingredients you likely have sitting in your kitchen that can actually work wonders on your hair are bananas and honey. You can also add 1 tbsp of olive oil into it. Banana hydrates and moisturizes dull, damaged, dry hair, as it’s rich in vitamins and minerals (such as potassium) that can strengthen the hair and balance the pH of the scalp.

Honey contains keratin to help strengthen the hair and prevent breakage caused by weak, brittle hair. It also encourages cell regeneration for a healthier scalp and has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm irritation. To make this hair mask, Mash one banana in a bowl and add a tablespoon of honey and olive oil to it. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for 25 minutes. Wash it off using a mild shampoo and use a hair conditioner. Repeat this process once a week for effective results.

  1. Mayonnaise and egg mask

Both the wonder ingredients are healing agents for your tresses and scalp and ensure good hair growth. The presence of L-cysteine; an amino acid in mayonnaise and egg help nourishes your scalp and promote healthy growth.

Everyone knows that egg is already present in mayonnaise, but for that extra health of hair, you may add an egg too. Vegetarians can add curd instead. Take half cup of mayonnaise and one egg/half a cup curd. Add two or three drops of any essential oil. Apply the paste on your hair and let it sit for around half an hour. Now wash off with mild shampoo and conditioner. The results of the tender love and care to your hair will just be awesome

Add this natural, inexpensive deep conditioning egg and mayonnaise hair mask to your beauty regimen once or twice a week for optimal results.

  1. Rinse with apple cider vinegar

An apple cider vinegar-based rinse can help restore life to your hair in a matter of moments, but you shouldn’t just pour ACV onto your head that may end up not only stripping your hair, but may also burn your scalp. Instead, you have to dilute it heavily with water. ACV is a known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and may prevent bacteria growth on the scalp.

It can be a great detangler for long fine hair. It can help close the cuticle of colour-treated hair, thus reducing fadage. It can also help control frizz, making it a popular treatment among those with curly and natural hair. Sometimes the best and most effective beauty products are sitting right in front of you or at least sitting in your kitchen cabinet. In the case of healthy, shiny hair, the solution may be in the form of apple cider vinegar, a trendy vinegar made from fermented apples.

Dilute four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into two cups of water. Use this water to rinse your hair. All you have to do is pour the mixture on your hair and leave it for 30 seconds and rinse your hair with cold water.

  1. Almond oil

Almond oil coats the hair with a protective layer to help tame the frizz and protect the hair shaft from environmental damage. Almond Oil is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. With a high concentration of magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium and zinc, this amazing carrier oil can provide the hydration, moisture and nutrition your hair needs to stay healthy and prevent dryness.

Almond oil is also a great carrier oil for dry scalp and hair loss treatments. Almond oil is ideal for calming frizzy texture. “People may see a decrease in frizz and damaged hair when applying almond oil as a leave-in treatment. Massage your hair and scalp with almond oil and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning using a mild shampoo and conditioner. Try and use the shampoo without sulphates.

  1. Avocado hair mask

Most of us know avocados are healthy for the inside of our bodies but what about the outside? Good news! An avocado hair mask can do wonders for your hair. First things first, avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable and actually belongs in the berry family. Loaded with potassium (nearly twice as much as bananas), and amino acids.

When it comes to hair, avocados really “shine. it makes hair shiny and supple and keeps the hair and skin moisturized. Avocado is like a superhero for dry and frizzy hair. Store-bought conditioners don’t do a lot for your hair except coat the shafts with silicone that eventually turns into build-up. The only way to save dry and damaged hair is to use ingredients that moisturize your hair shafts from within while also nourishing them. Avocado is one such ingredient that can help restore dry and damaged locks to their former glory.

Yogurt has hair conditioning properties that work with avocado to repair and condition dry and damaged hair. Scoop an avocado and mix it with yogurt to get a smooth and creamy paste. Apply to your hair and let it sit for around 40 minutes. Wash thoroughly with mild shampoo and follow it up with conditioner.


The appearance of frizzy hair comes from dry hair that tries to catch moisture from the air. You can reduce frizz by using at-home treatments designed for this purpose. There you have it! As you can see, you don’t have to go far or spend a fortune when it comes to hair masks. These natural and homemade masks will nourish your hair, restore its strength, and make it shiny within a few weeks. You do not need to worry about side effects!

By simply utilizing key ingredients in your kitchen and understanding each ingredient’s benefit to your hair, you can mix and match them as you see fit to solve your hair problems. Now go ahead and schedule that night of pampering for yourself – you deserve it.