Black castor oil is also called Jamaican castor oil made by roasting the castor beans and then using heat to extract the oil. Because this method of starting with roasted beans was developed in Jamaica, black castor oil is often referred to as Jamaican black castor oil.

If you people are wondering what the buzz about Jamaican castor oil is or you are hearing about Jamaican castor oil for the first time, then you may not be alone. As much as this special care oil is grabing attention right now, the Jamaicans have been secretly enjoying the outstanding benefits from so many years.

Amongst the tons of benefits of this oil, here are some ones-Dandruff is treated well with Jamaican black castor oil. This oil also moisturizes hair, promotes hair growth, treats acne, and relieves muscle pain too. These characteristics of it set it apart from other nourishing oils such as coconut or argan oil.

Many of us may have heard of castor oil before, but what about Jamaican black castor oil? How is it different? And more importantly, how does it help you? Here, we discuss some of the benefits of Jamaican black castor oil and the effect it can have on your life. 

  1. What Is Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

From so many years, castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil are both made from castor beans-Ricinus Communis, which explains why they have the same name. However, the extraction process of both is distinct, resulting in a completely different oil with distinct applications.

Before we look at what Jamaican black castor oil is, let’s first learn about castor oil. Castor oil is generally extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant, which when cold pressed. It is pale yellow and transparent.

On the other hand, Jamaican castor oil is extracted in a very different manner, which is also the ancient method of extraction. First, the seeds are roasted and then pulverized in a mortar. Then, water is added, after which these mashed beans are slowly-boiled on a wood fire.

What we get as a result is unadulterated, thick, pungent, and dark brown castor oil which is also known as Jamaican black castor oil.

This is just one of the many differences between castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil. Read below for more on the differences between these two great oils.

  • Difference between Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs. Castor Oil?

The major difference between Jamaican black and standard castor oil is the method of processing. Castor oil often undergoes more commercial processing, whereas its Jamaican cousin is processed traditionally (the purity is preserved here).

  1. The technique of processing:

 Castor oil is generally produced by pressing fresh castor beans. There is no heat involved in this type of process, which is why we call it cold-pressed castor oil. Certain manufacturers use chemicals in their process of extracting castor oil.

On the other hand, Jamaican black castor oil is prepared by first roasting the beans. Then This results in an oil that smells burnt. This oil is often considered to be pure and much superior in terms of its nutritional content.

  • The Colour Variation:

Castor oil is pale yellow in colour whereas Jamaican black castor oil is dark brown or black. At times, the latter is extra dark.

3.The contrast in pH level:

The processing method of a castor bean determines about its pH level. Castor oil is slightly acidic in nature, whereas its Jamaican part, given it contains the ashes of the beans, is on the alkaline side.

Jamaican black castor oil seems to have the upper hand here, but all varieties of castor oil have their own individual set of health and skincare benefits. However, if you ask us which is the best of the lot, we would pick the Jamaican variant one. Since, it is made without much chemical processing.

The health benefits of the two types of castor oil are similar except that the Jamaican one has more pronounced benefits, given its unadulterated variant of processing.

                                Jamaican black castor oil also sometimes called pure Jamaican black castor oil which has great benefits for the skin, hair, and health too. It also has numerous uses for improving health in all aspects. Not to mention that many people have given it great reviews too. Now let’s move into why Jamaican black castor oil is good for you.

  • What Are the Advantages of Jamaican Black Castor Oil for The Skin?
  • It may Help to prevent Acne:

Research suggests that Jamaican black castor oil may work great for acne. Cleansing your face with the castor oil can do the trick. All you need are a washcloth, 100% pure Jamaican black castor oil, and hot steaming water.

Applying this oil to your acne, it may sound a bit intuitive, doesn’t it? However, here’s how it can be beneficial to fight against acne.

Jamaican black castor oil helps in the removal of clogged pores by dissolving dead skin cells, bacteria, excess oil, and dirt and many more.

                            The Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties in the Jamaican black castor oil may help to prevent breakouts from skin.

              One of the most common causes of acne is excessive oil /sebum production. This oil also contains essential fatty acids, which keep your skin moisturized and prevent it from producing too much oil.

  • How To Use this oil for acne
  • Pour a small amount of the oil on your palm.
  • Rub the oil between your fingers to warm it up.
  • Gently massage it into your face. Work on the affected areas. This acts as a wonderful cleanse for face.
  • Leave the oil on and soak the washcloth in steaming hot water.
  • Gently wipe away the oil on your face using the washcloth. Repeat this once or twice. The washcloth should remove the dirt and grime with it.
  • In case your face feels tight after this treatment, pour a few drops of the castor oil on your fingertips and massage into your face. A very small amount would do.
  •  You can Repeat this remedy twice a week to get better results.
  • It treats Chapped Lips:

               The Jamaican black castor oil is very good for lips. Our lips need to be shielded from harsh environmental conditions at all times. When left unprotected, our lips get dehydrated so badly, they dry out and begin to peel, although they heal and recover easily.

The fatty acids present in Jamaican black castor oil helps to moisturize and protect your lips. It also protects them due to its dense nature t.

This means it won’t fade away unless it’s washed away. It also gives the lips a natural shine, making it a great choice if you are looking to make your lips feel soft, plump and look healthy.

To make the chapped lip process, you will need 3 tablespoons of Jamaican castor oil, 1 tablespoon each of beeswax and butter, and 5 drops of an essential oil of your choice. After all, your lips are one of the first things people look at when they first meet you, so you should keep them healthy and nice looking.

  • How To Use this oil for chapped lips
  • Mix the first three ingredients in a container and melt the mixture in a container holding hot water into which a pan is placed for slow cooking.
  • After the mixture turns homogeneous, remove from the heat and add the essential oil into it.
  • You can now pour the mixture into empty lip balm containers.
  • Wait for them to cool and use on your lips.

3.It Can Fight Signs of Aging:

                     Aging may not be bad at all, but aging too soon can be. However, with Jamaican black castor oil present in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. It has excellent properties and gets well absorbed into the skin.

This castor oil also helps to moisturize your face, giving it a younger look.

How to Use:

  1. First Cleanse your face gently with a gentle cleanser. Pat it gently with a clean towel.
  2. Using a cotton ball, remove any traces of cleanser that might have been left behind.
  3. Pour a little castor oil in your palms and gently apply to your face, especially massaging the affected areas the such as wrinkles and fine lines. You can work from the outer edges of your eyes all the way to the inner area next to your nose.
  4. Repeat this process twice a day.

4.It Can Heal Scar:

If you have been battling with scars especially scars associated with keloids or other scars that involves layers of hardened tissues, Jamaican black castor oil may just be all you’ve needed to rejuvenate that area of your skin.

Applying the oil to a scar will discourage new skin growth and in turn it will help in permanent scar removal. The oil can smooth out some of the fibrous tissue, making the scar less noticeable to others.

  • How To Use this oil to prevent scars
  • First, clean the affected area with a mild cleanser. Doing so will remove any surface oils and that might otherwise clog the pores.
  • Now, take a small amount of castor oil on your fingertips.
  • Massage the oil over the affected area gently. The goal is to smoothen the scar tissue and reduce inflammation, if any. This process promotes circulation and aids healing.
  • Ensure you don’t apply the oil to open wounds.
  • Wash your hands once you’re done.
  • Repeat this process twice daily. You need to wait for a while, like a few weeks, to get the results.
  • You can now blot away excess oil on your skin using a cotton ball.
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits for Hair:
  1. Promotes a Healthy and Strong hair:
    For healthy, long, and strong hair, there must be proper blood circulation in the scalp. Jamaican black castor oil may provide essential nutrients to the roots of your hair strand, cuticles and boost blood circulation in the scalp.

How to Use this oil for healthy hair:

  1. Combine one tbsp table-spoon coconut oil, one tbsp of black castor oil and five drops of your favourite essential oil, such as peppermint oil.

2.Fill an empty container or jar with this mixture.

3.Scoop a tiny amount onto your fingertips and rub it into your scalp in circular motions to use it.

4.Rub and massage gently.

  • Moisturizes Hair:

The rich nutrients in Jamaican black castor oil, such as vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9 fatty acids, help moisturize hair and treats hair related problems like itchy scalp and dandruff.

These nutrients help make your hair have a softer texture, a cleaner look.

How to Use this oil for moisturizing hair:

Use 1 tablespoon each of Jamaican black castor oil and extra-virgin olive oil, as well as half a lemon’s juice.

Heat one tablespoon of black castor oil, one tablespoon of olive oil, and half a lemon juice in a saucepan over medium heat. Note-Don’t let the mixture get to boiling point.

Remove the pan with the heated mixture from the heat until the mixture is warm.

Pour mixture into your palm and massage this into your scalp for about 10 minutes.

This can be a hot oil treatment for scalp.

3.Nourishes Hair and Prevents Hair Breakage:
Scientific research on the subject is minimal, many people who use the Jamaican black castor oil sing its praises. It’s worth a shot if you have damaged, dry and easily breakable hair.

  • How to Use this oil for hair breakage:
  • Put a small amount of this oil in your hand and massage thoroughly into your scalp
  • Cover your head fully with a plastic wrap for 2 hours and don’t miss any patches
  • Wash off after 2 hours
  • If you want deep conditioning, you may leave your hair wrapped overnight also.

4.Treats Split Ends:

Split ends can get nasty, and at times, your confidence can take a beating. But you don’t have to have that problem with the Jamaican black castor oil.

The Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acid components of the oil may help prevent further occurrence of your split ends, while also detangling your hair for easy combing and styling.

  • How to Use this oil for treating split ends:
  • Take equal amounts of the castor oil and mustard oil.
  • Mix both the oils and massage into your scalp, especially rubbing over the split ends.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with a mild shampoo.

Doing this twice a week gives you frizz-free hair and treats your split ends. This remedy can also detangle your hair.

5.Eliminates Dry Hair:

Dry hair can be caused as much by your eating habits as by improper hair care. But Jamaican black castor oil has its own benefits here too.

  • How To Use this oil for dry hair:

For this hair treatment process, you will need 4 tablespoons of Jamaican black castor oil, 1 tablespoon of organic honey, and ½ avocado.

  1. Blend the avocado in a food processor.
  2. Add the castor oil and honey to the avocado and mix until they are well blended.
  3. Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair, ensuring you apply it to the entire length of your hair.
  4. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then rinse.

You can also add some amount of shea butter for added moisturization.

  • Safety Precautions for Jamaican black castor oil:

First Ensure you talk to your doctor before taking the castor oil, especially if you are allergic to it or have any other allergies.

Also, tell your doctor about your past medical history, especially if you have had appendicitis, a sudden change in bowel habits, intestinal blockage, or even bleeding from the rectum.

Don’t use castor oil during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor for more details about it.

  • Conclusion based on this article:

Like we saw, castor oil, in general, is beneficial in so many ways. But since the Jamaican variety undergoes less chemical processing, we recommend it over others.

 Get a bottle for yourself today and start using it. It is an investment worth making. Just ensure you choose organic or cold-pressed Jamaican black castor oil.