Eyelash Growth. The nature has bestowed things on human being which have varying application. This can do wonder if they are exploited in a very well manner. Speaking about the eyelashes, they are hairs that adds charm to the beauty of a girl. The ladies with longer eyelashes are adorable! If I tend to combine the first two sentences of my opening lines, the plot is clear.

      We are talking about a natural way to look for longer eyelashes. In this direction, castor oil is widely used everywhere. It is safe, effective and clean liquid. Do you suffering from thin, less or no eye lashes? Are you aiming at the longer Eyelash Growth to powerup your beauty? Give castor oil a try and here is your complete guide on how to use the castor oil for your eye-lashes.

Eyelash Growth

If you really want naturally long, thick eyelashes without reaching for your mascara each time, there exists a great miracle ingredient that will grant you this wish. 

         It is also known to prevent hair breakage and stimulate faster and healthier eyelash growth. I decided to incorporate castor oil into my hair care routine about a year ago, and the results have allowed me to stick with it for good hair.  My lashes are now significantly longer, fuller, and oh-so-healthy.

Castor oil– the miracle hair ingredient which is found to be especially effective when it comes to achieving unbelievably thick and long lashes.

In this article, we have discussed a few insanely simple tricks to incorporate castor oil into your beauty regimen to achieve the lashes of your dreams. You won’t have to shell out your savings on exorbitantly priced lash growth serums once you start using these DIY methods.

How Does Castor Oil Benefit Hair Growth?

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Moreover, its antifungal and antibacterial properties, castor oil is packed with beneficial nutrients like proteins, minerals, and fatty acids, such as oleic, linoleic, stearic, and palmitic ricinoleic acids. It also contains certain natural compounds that promote Eyelash Growth.

1. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E present in castor oil works as a powerful antioxidant that conditions your lashes and keeps them from falling out. It also helps to repair damage to hair follicles, which then promotes Eyelash Growth.

2. Rich in Ricinoleic Acid:

Castor oil also contains naturally high levels of ricinoleic acid, an omega-9 essential fatty acid that thickens your lashes and stimulates your Eyelash Growth.

How to choose right castor oil?

There are levels of unawareness have been spotted in the use of castor oil and related things. First of all, bringing home the right castor oil is a great challenge that shall be answered.

For your sake, never purchase the castor oil meant for industry or commercial purpose. Always go for clean or cold pressed castor oil meant for the use of eyes. Before you start using it, keep in mind to execute this practice at night.

Is Castor Oil Safe for Eyelashes?

As opposed to the wide range of Eyelash Growth products in the market, which may or may not have side effects, castor oil is a natural ingredient.

           Much like an all-natural conditioner and at a moderate dosage, it works better without any side effects. Its effects may vary from person to person.

Even if a little bit goes into your eye, it does not cause any damage. It only blurs your eyes if you apply an excess amount in which case, you can wash it off.

The trick to keeping it from getting in your eyes is simple apply it with precision and in small amounts. If you want to know more about how to use it the correct way, keep scrolling people.

How to apply Castor Oil on Eyelashes?

When you take home the right castor oil, next question up on the list to be answered is how to apply the same in a way to avoid the undesirable trouble to eyes?

So, to apply the castor oil on the eyelashes, you need certain materials with you. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Mascara wand
  2. Q-tip
  3. Castor oil

Once you collect the required materials, next is the application part. Move onto instructions on how to apply castor oil on your beautiful eyes. This will enhance the Eyelash Growth of the eyelashes which will further enhance the beauty of your eyes effectively.

Procedure to apply:

Right application strategy is to be followed to achieve the best results for Eyelash Growth. The set of desired instructions is given below.

1.Wash Your Face:

To start with, first of all, you need to wash your face. Use cold water to remove the already existing dirt particles and once you rinse it up, soak your face by using with the help of a towel.

2.Mascara Magic

Once you clear the face with cold water and remove dirt, it is the time for the mascara to do the magic. All you need to do is to dip your mascara in a wand of the castor oil and tap off the extra lubricating oil, if any.

What after application?

 Relax and go to sleep. Wake up next morning to clean off the castor oil and wash the eyes with fresh water. This procedure should be repeated for certain days to obtain best of the results.

The right use of the castor oil promises amazing results if used correctly and daily as stated above. However, in certain cases, mixing up or combining the castor oil with other ingredients can also do wonders!

Below are five of the most effective and efficient ways that you can combine castor oil with other wholesome ingredients to make a DIY lash serum right at home.

The best time to apply it is at night as this allows more time for the oil to saturate your lashes, and you will wake up with healthier lashes in the morning. 

Castor Oil and Olive Oil:

The unique building up between castor oil and olive has a miraculous effect on the Eyelash Growth. After mixing the castor and the olive oil, take up the mascara wand and dip it in the in the mixture.

               Now, apply it on the Eyelash Growth again following the root to tip position. The application should be done carefully to avoid trouble to eyes. 

                           Use a clean mascara wand or an eyeliner brush to apply this mixture to your upper and lower lash-lines. Leave it on overnight and remove it with a makeup wipe the next morning.

           Olive oil is a rich source of vitamins A and E, and it is also packed with great source of antioxidants. Combining castor oil and olive oil is highly beneficial as your Eyelash Growth soak up the benefits of these wonderful ingredients.

Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil:

Sweet almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, essential fats, magnesium, and calcium. When you use it over a period, it adds a significant shine and length to your lashes, making them thicker, stronger, and longer. Combining almond oil and castor oil is a great way to help your lashes achieve quicker result.

Pour two tablespoons of castor oil and two spoons of sweet almond oil into the container. Once the oils have blended well, use a clean mascara wand or an eyeliner brush to apply one coat of this mixture to your Eyelash Growth.

For best results, leave it on overnight.

Castor oil and glycerine:

The mixture of the glycerine and castor oil is certainly quite effective. This is because of the smoothness of the glycerine and properties of castor oil. This results in smoother and longer eye lashes.

                  Apply the mixture using a mascara wand and remove extensive mixture off from the eyes using Q-tip. Tap off the extra mixture off the Q-tip

Using a clean mascara wand, gently apply this homemade serum to your upper and lower lashes. You can leave it on overnight or for a couple of hours before washing it off.

Vaseline, Coconut Oil, And Castor Oil: 

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Petroleum jelly is an incredible conditioning and moisturizing agent for dry and brittle Eyelash Growth. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients that will help make your Eyelash Growth dark, soft, and shiny.

Add two parts Vaseline, one part coconut oil, and one part castor oil into it. Blend the ingredients very well.

With an eyeliner brush or a clean mascara wand, apply one coat of this mixture to your upper and lower lashes.

Leave it on overnight and wipe it off in the morning using makeup removing wipes.

What Precautions need to be taken?

Few preventive measures are a must and should be followed. To make the best of the castor oil and the potential it carries, one should use following set of preventive measures for safety:

Say no to industrial castor:

Never purchase the castor oil meant for the industrial application. This can damage the eyes and it will have negative effects on your eyes.

Purchase cold pressed oil:

Cold pressed castor oil indicates the purity of the product we have get. Thus, one should always stick to the cold pressed castor oil for many benefits.

How Long Does It Take for Eyelash Growth Back with Castor Oil?

                 So, castor oil might not be the miracle answer to getting the long Eyelash Growth of your dreams. But there are some proven benefits that could improve the appearance.

            Since castor oil is safe to use on lashes, there’s no harm in trying it out as long as you perform a patch test and take care not to get it in your eyes. As always, ask your dermatologist if you have any questions.

                The only way to achieve effective results with castor oil is to use it every night continiously. To give you an average estimate, it takes for about 6 weeks for eyelashes to grow back and for you to notice a significant change in their thickness, length, and overall appearance. But if you pull your eyelash out, then it can be a different story. It can take longer time for the Eyelash Growth again. So, don’t pull your eyelashes if you want to thicken your eyelash.