1. Drink Water

How to Absolutely relieve chapped lips (5‑Step Process)

Drink more water for cellular hydration. How to Absolutely relieve chapped lips home remedy Absolutely relieve chapped lips home remedy Staying hydrated and drinking more water throughout the day will keep your lips soft, plum and prevent from drying out. Drink plenty of water as it will provide the moisture your lips need. You can also take coconut water daily as it is an rich source of vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay hydrated whole day. Try a home remedy- apply small amount of honey to your lips as it will keep your lips soft and moisturize and prevent cracks on lips. Honey is an amazing natural ingredient which can  be used as an overnight remedy to lighten up and brighten dark lips. Continue this practice for a couple of weeks, you will notice a change in color of your lips. How to Absolutely relieve chapped lips home remedy If your lips are very dry and cracked, apply a good quality of lip-balm or a thick ointment such as white petroleum jelly several times a day or before bed. TIP: whenever you are stepping outside during morning always use a good lip-balm with SPF30 or higher as it will protect your lips from direct UV rays.

2. Gently exfoliate

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Choose an exfoliating lip scrub such as honey and sugar. Take one tablespoon of honey and  two tablespoon of sugar, mix it well and apply it on your chapped lips home remedy, as this will moisturize your lips and make them soft. And then apply a thick layer of your favourite lip balm to your lips. How to Absolutely relieve chapped lips home remedy Always be gentle to your lips while exfoliating as the lip area is sensitive, gently scrub your lips for about 3-4 mins as this will be helpful in  removing dead cells from lips and brighten up your lips day by day. Continue this for  weeks to 3 to 4 times a week to  see visible results. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry, as sugar can be used to remove dead cells and honey acts as moisturizer for lips. Exfoliating  too much is not necessary for good looking lips, too much exfoliation can make your lips dry. It is recommended by experts that not scrub your lips too much 3-4 times in a week is sufficient for healthy lips.

3. Avoid licking lips

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Keep a non-irritating lip-balm handy and apply on your dry and chapped lips home remedy when you are feel like licking them. And more water to provide hydration to lips. We lick our dry lips to provide some moisture to it , but it actually dries out  even more,  because the saliva contains more acids that break out more. How to Absolutely relieve chapped lips home remedy Best way to stop licking lips: 1. Apply a non-irritating lip-balm several times a day, especially before bedtime. Keep your lip-balm always with you in your bag, purse so it is always available  with you whenever you need.

Licking or biting pf lips  may be a bad sign of stress or other health problems. Dentist and beauticians agree that licking your lips can be a bad sign that should be broken. How to Absolutely relieve chapped lips home remedy Dehydration can cause you to lick your lick several times, so be hydrated by drinking plenty of water or coconut oil. Try to be stress free as stress may be triggering.

4. Use hydrating lip color, ideally with SPF

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According to beauty experts, most of people forget to protect their lips. Skin cancer in this area can be very dangerous, so it is necessary to use lip-balm with SPF15. Use a SPF based lip-balm product  for your lips, just like the product you use on your face and hands everyday to protect it from UV rays. It should be of broad spectrum or with spf30 or higher depend upon climate, so if you are  packing up for a beach trip hitting the slopes don’t forget to take care of your lips with SPF15. Many of the dermatologists advise a lip balm or a lip colour should atleast contain SPF15 with it, as lips don’t have capacity to produce melanin which can protect against UV rays to your lips as the rest of our skin.

5. Replenish moisture with lip-balm

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A lip-balm should be designed a film of moisturizers onto the delicate skin of your lips. Look for balms or formulations containing petroleum or beeswax to seal in moisture. If your lips are very dry and chapped, try rubbing a tiny amount of your regular facial moisturizer or eye cream on your bare lips, then use a thick balm on top.Any moisturizer you like will work here, as long as it doesn’t contain active ingredients. If you are bored with moisturizing and using lip-balms daily, then you can go with small amount of honey and olive oil which will help to moisturize your lips, as honey have been proven to have anti-bacterial and healing properties and olive oil will help to moisturize. Apply this mixture before going to bed as this will help to male your lips soft and hydrated. Moisturize your lips regularly as it will help in removing dead cells from lips  and hydrate yourself internally to avoid chapped lips home remedy. Go natural and avoid chemicals. try rubbing a tiny dab of your regular facial moisturizer or eye cream on your bare lips, chapped lips home remedy then slathering a thick balm on top. … Any moisturizer you like will work here, as long as it doesn’t contain active ingredients.

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